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Most old photographs can be restored to a certain point,
the amount of restoration needed depends on the state of the photograph,
and then to what level of restoration you need,
We really need to see any photographs to estimate the level of repair needed
and to see what size print we can enlarge it to (if a larger copy is required).
Most people post us the photo (1st class post or special delivery
if you wish to ensure the photo is signed for and insured against loss)
Then an idea of the condition and level of restoration can be estimated,
I would then telephone you (or email if required) and let you know the cost/size of restoration
(most restorations are around 20 to 25 pounds for a 7" x 5" or 8" x 6" size print,
If the photo is very damaged it can take hours to restore so the price would reflect that)
If the photo has just faded and is not physically damaged it is possible sometimes
to restore the contrast/depth of image much more economically.
If you decide NOT to go ahead with a restoration,
your photo will be returned to you by special delivery free of charge.

Old photos can be all shapes I.E. square or non standard ETC,
so will be normally made to fit without cropping
on the size of paper you choose for the restored photo,

If however you need the restored photo to fit a particular frame size,
just let us know the size of frame and your restored photo will be made to fit the frame.
The photographic paper used, is normally Fuji Crystal Archive photographic paper
that has an estimated 80 to 100 year life without fading.
The Photographic Print Sizes Available Are:
6" x 4"
7" x 5"
8" x 6" or 9" x 6"
10" x 8" or 12" x 8"
14" x 10" or 15" x 10"
up to A3 wide (45.9cm x 30.9 cm)
Larger sizes Available up to A1 using HP Giclee' (inkjet)

I hope this information helps, Please feel free to ring me for further information with no obligation,
ask for Mark on telephone number 01604 634452

Contact us:

HERE for a map to direct you to the shop
Photo Restorations / Bean Processed Photo Services
203 Wellingborough Road
01604 634452 (U.K.)
07561 155211

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